What to Expect When Your Child Wears Glasses

First things first, if you haven’t had your child’s eyes checked – make sure to schedule an eye exam. Even if your child may not be complaining about their vision, it’s always important to have an optometrist take a look.

Eye exams will determine:

-If your child will need to wear glasses

-The health of your child’s eyes

-If your child’s eyes are developing at a normal rate

-Other potential factors regarding your child’s eyes and vision

If your child passes with flying colors and doesn’t need glasses, great! If you discover your child needs glasses, that is still great! Finding out your child needs glasses is not the end of the world – there are several advantages to your child wearing glasses (and looking cute while doing so)!

  • They will perform better in school
  • Many stylish options to choose from – Jonas Paul Eyewear has so many style options and colors to choose from, all at an affordable price point.
  • Eye protection – glasses will help protect your child’s eyes from dirt or dust
  • Glasses can help prevent vision problems from occurring down the road 
  • They will teach your child responsibility – putting on glasses everyday will teach your children to be responsible and make sure they are keeping their glasses safe
  • Your child will look so cute in glasses (trust us!) 

Finding a  [Perfect] Pair:

When searching for a perfect pair of glasses – it can be overwhelming. Where do you start? What should you look for?

Instead of driving around town to multiple optical stores or ordering a pair offline without the option to try on the frames, at Jonas Paul Eyewear we offer a free home try-on kit where you can order a small or large kit and have 5 styles delivered right to your doorstep. Not only is this convenient, but it is also fun! Kids love trying on all different styles and modeling them for the whole family to see.

After finding the pair you love, you can order online, send over your prescription and expect your glasses to be ready within a week. So quick! Think of all the time/stress you save when you don’t have to drive around to every store.

Your child has their glasses – now what?

Teach your kids to be gentle with their eyewear.

  • Make sure they don’t set the frames down on the lenses, causing them to scratch
  • Glasses should be taken off with both hands
  • Always keep an eyeglass case on hand 
  • Glasses should be cleaned on a daily basis

Any other tips you have that you noticed while your child is wearing glasses? We would love to know!

-the JPE team

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Meet the Parents Making Wearing Kids Glasses Cool.

“The prospect of wearing glasses is not something most kids look forward to, but the idea may be a little more palatable thanks to some parents and the company they started.” –

NBC Nightly News Features Jonas Paul Eyewear Kids Glasses 



Sunday Today with Willie Geist

Boy’s rare sight condition inspires ‘Buy Sight, Give Sight’ children’s eyewear company

“Three-year-old Jonas was born with a rare condition that caused him severe visual impairment, but thanks to doctors performing 21 eye surgeries he has regained a small amount of sight. His parents are sharing this “blessing” with a business, Jonas Paul Eyewear, that helps to provide stylish glasses to those in need. NBC’s Steve Patterson reports for Sunday TODAY.”



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Teaching Kindness this Holiday Season

The holiday season brings lots of cheer and happy memories. With the excitement of Santa Clause, the lighting of the tree, placing of decorations around the house to the holiday shopping and baking – there is so much to be done to prepare for the most wonderful time of year. 

With children, it’s easy to get lost in their excitement and remember back to when we were kids around this time of year. It’s great to see their smiling faces all season long and because we have a small window of time to watch our kids enjoy this season before they grow up, we want to make sure they still thoroughly enjoy this season while teaching them the importance of kindness this holiday. 

In order to do so, we have listed subtle ways to remind them the importance of this time of year and still make sure their face is glowing all month long.

Here are a few tips to share with your children this holiday season:

– Make homemade gifts for grandparents, teachers, Aunt and Uncles, etc.

– Do something nice for their siblings. Examples: make their bed, share their favorite toy, read a book to them. 

– Call their grandparents and ask them about their favorite holiday traditions

– Donate their old toys or hats/mitten/socks to a local charity

– Help with dinner or holiday baking 

– Make a “thank you” card for their bus driver, librarian, teacher, principal, etc.

– Send out holiday cards to family and friends 

– Make crafts for a child care center or pediatric hospital

There are so many ways we can teach our children kindness throughout the holiday season. Do you have any certain traditions you and your children do? Or any ideas that you would add to the list? Let us know below! 

For more cute ideas to celebrate kindness this season, check out The Family Room. 

We wish you and yours a very happy holiday season.

-the JPE team

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Our Week at the Navajo Nation

Recently, we had the privilege of serving the people of the Navajo Nation in New Mexico. Even though it was a hard week emotionally, it was a very fulfilling and eye-opening experience. Witnessing this level of poverty can be overwhelming – we felt as though we weren’t even in the United States but rather in the developing world.

Over the course of the week, we worked alongside Pastor Nathan of New Life Christian Assembly. He and his wife have been working alongside and serving the Navajo for the last 15+ years – he taught us so much about the area and people in the short amount of time we were there.

The unemployment rate in the navajo nation is around 60 – 67% and the families who are unemployed are living on $400-$700/month, well below the poverty line in the United States.  Our hearts truly broke for those who are scraping by with their beautiful children … but at the same time we found ourselves admiring them for their perseverance (which was an interesting dichotomy).

One of the areas of we were able to serve was with the widows within the community by providing firewood to keep them warm in the upcoming winter months … as there has been an issue recently with widows freezing to death as the majority of families rely on wood for their heat.


A second area we were able to serve was by visiting two schools to discuss eye health and share our story behind Jonas Paul Eyewear. Over 600+ students and faculty were in attendance.  We told the children the story behind Jonas Pail, emphasized the importance of accepting those with differences (both physical and social), eye anatomy and the importance of UV protection (especially at the elevation of their community, the UV exposure they face, and the prevalence of cataracts with the older population) and we also shared a recent study we came across from Harvard that discussed the secret of happiness. By sharing this information, we hoped it would provide a positive message to these young children who have little but can find happiness through loving and being loved.

Once the speaking portions wrapped up, we gathered all the students together to distribute sunglasses, eyeglass cases, fun eyeball erasers and tons of yummy candy to the children – the joy on the faces of these beautiful children was priceless knowing that the gift of the sunglasses was something they would cherish forever.

UV exposure is intense in the Navajo Nation because of the elevation and number of cloudless days, causing cataracts in the majority of the elderly population.  Our hope is that these sunglasses will help protect children’s eyes to prevent a good amount of exposure to the sun while they are most vulnerable to UV exposure.

We also dispensed readers to adults and the elderly over the course of two days. This was a great experience that will help them tremendously with continuing to make a living as many of them are silversmiths, jewelry makers, weavers, and sewers. To see the joy and excitement that the elderly had after receiving their free pair of readers was awesome for us to witness.

It was a busy week but we are so thankful for this experience and to all of you who continue to support Jonas Paul Eyewear. Because of you, we have made our Buy Sight, Give Sight program a reality. Knowing that a purchase of glasses from Jonas Paul Eyewear will not only impact the child that will be wearing these prescription glasses, but will provide sight to another person in need is amazing feeling and we are so thankful that we had this opportunity to serve the Navajo people.  

Thank you to our wonderful partner, Restoring Vision, for providing glasses for us to dispense. And thank you to Pastor Nathan for your service to not only the Navajo people but also our team throughout the week.  

To read more about our Buy Sight, Give Sight program head to our website!

-Ben and Laura Harrison (co-founders of Jonas Paul Eyewear)

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What do our eyes really see?

Our eyes do so much more work than we think. Check out below and let us know how many of these facts surprised you.
It’s unbelievable how much our eyes can see, without even us realizing it. At Jonas Paul Eyewear, we want to make sure you keep your eyes safe and healthy, especially at a young age so your eyes can continue to do amazing things!
If you are unsure whether or not your child may need glasses, take a look at the Common Vision Problems in children to see if any of these symptoms are occurring.
And if you have not scheduled an eye exam for YOU or your child, read the Importance of Eye Exams to prevent future problems down the road. 
Get those eyes checked and stay on the road of beautiful and healthy eyes for years to come.  
(References: Optical Vision Resources)

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Why should you buy glasses online?

We get a lot of questions from customers about whether or not ordering glasses online has more benefits than choosing a pair in-store.

Short answer? Yes.

Long answer? Though we all would like to see what our frames look like on us before we order a pair, especially for children when their faces continue to grow – however, ordering glasses online actually has a lot of benefits and we have put together a list to show you just what exactly that they are. 

1. Comfort: Not every child wants to wear glasses, and some may already be nervous / self-conscious about wearing frames. With Jonas Paul Eyewear and our home try-on kit, you are able to order a pair of frames to be sent right to your doorstep. From there, you have up to 7 days for your child to try on all 5 styles and choose a style that they absolutely love and feel confident in. The best part: this is all done in the comfort of your own home so you can truly see if our frames are a good fit for your little one as they can be themselves 100%.

2. Convenience: After you go to the eye doctor, you might be told that your son or daughter will need glasses. Instead of driving around from store to store trying to find the perfect frame (especially when you have all your children with you) – ordering glasses online provides the convenience of one simple click and frames are sent right to your doorstep. 

3. Saves Money: Buying a pair of frames while at the optical store or doctor’s office may seem like the most convenient option, but in the long run – you will actually be spending more money at these stores than you do when you order online. At Jonas Paul Eyewear, we are all about providing stylish eyewear all at an affordable price. 

Buying glasses online is quickly becoming a trend and an option many parents prefer when they have children. Though the anticipation to see your kiddo’s in their new specs is at an all new high, we promise when you see our frames at your doorstep, it will be well worth the wait. 🙂

And when you do order from us, make sure to tag #jonaspauleyewear so we can see your cute kids in our stylish frames!

-the Jonas Paul Eyewear team

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Fall into Autumn Memories

Fall is here! And in celebration of fall and family, we’ve put together a list of activities for the whole crew. 

1. Take a walk.

Drift through the neighborhood to see the fall decorations popping up on the porches of your neighbors. Or drive to the woods, the mountains, the park, just to stroll. No daylong hikes here; just a leisurely time to be in rhythm with your family. 

2. Pick apples.

If you’re in such a location to be able to do so, apple picking is a sweet and gratifying way to gather your family for a fun Fall activity. Plucking fruit from tree to tree gives kids an appreciation for growing, gathering, and enjoying a harvest. 

3. Make Something.

Anything, really. A drawing. A story. A blanket. A cake. (or Apple Crisp from those apples you picked 😉 ) Something that doesn’t require a lot of mental effort but keeps your hands busy. Sharing experiences, crafting a product, and focusing together do wonders to make your child feel special. 

4. Learn Something. 

How about taking a family cooking class? Or a dance class? Or attending a yoga session? The local library may have a calendar of community events as well. Putting yourself in the position of students shows your kids the merits of humility, curiosity, and not taking yourself too seriously — values definitely worth passing down to them.

5. A little less doing, a little more being.

Embrace the fatigue and just sit together. Because why not? Perhaps you could rest on a blanket outside if it’s warm enough; if not, the living room floor is perfect, too. See what happens when you share a little square for a few moments.

Catching our drift? We hope this list strikes you as a bit underwhelming, because it is. Because it’s okay to be underwhelming, to just rest, to work on being present for your kids. That’s what Fall calls us back to, year after year. Presence. In this season, we come down from the fever of summer with a readiness to rest and be present together. 

Enjoy your Fall! Share with us photos of you and your family celebrating your favorite Fall activities.

-the Jonas Paul Eyewear team


(photo from Instagram: @Romans58 // frames in photo are Paul // Paige in Black)

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New pair of frames now what?

You just received a new pair of stylish frames from Jonas Paul Eyewear in the mail- YAY! But now you are wondering, how do I teach my son or daughter to keep them safe? 

Buying a pair of frames can be hard enough, teaching your child to keep them safe shouldn’t be. We have rounded up our five best tips to help your child keep their frames 100% safe, protected, and of course, stylish. 


#1 Keep them in the case when they’re not on their face

The moment your child takes off their glasses, help them secure their eyewear in a hard-sided case. (We provide a case with each frame purchased!) This simple step will help prevent any accidental step-on or breakage.

Tip: Pack a case whenever your child is going somewhere that will require them to remove their glasses.  


#2 Use both hands

Teach your child how to properly remove their glasses with both hands. You can demonstrate this using your own glasses or a pair of sunglasses. Teaching your child this important practice will prevent any bending or uneven wear. 

Tip: Should you notice any bending of the arms, each Jonas Paul frame has adjustable tips that allow the temple arm to hug your child’s ears (or extend straight back) for a perfect fit. 


#3 Avoid sinks and splatter

Although most of us are naturally inclined to remove our glasses at the sink during our bedtime routine, keeping their frames near splatter and sprays can soil the lenses, making them more difficult to clean. Instead, help your child find a special spot in their room to keep their specs safe.

Tip: If you do notice any stains or splatter on the lenses, check out our Lens Cleaner to keep those glasses stain-free. 

#4 Remind children not to wear their glasses on their head

Keeping glasses on the top of their head makes them less secure, and increases the chances of their glasses falling off.

Tip: If you notice your child commenting on their frames sliding down from their face, purchase a tube of Nerd Wax to ensure they don’t place the frames on top of their head. 


#5 Keep a spare

As much as we may try to prevent broken frames and cracked lenses, in the end, we must accept our kids as, well, kids. They’re wild, free-flowing, and more often than not, running around. Accidents can happen, and it’s best to have an extra pair at the ready to lessen the blow in case one does (but we’ll cross our fingers that their glasses stay totally safe).

Tip: If you are worried about frames breaking, add a second pair to your cart at Jonas Paul Eyewear and use code: SECONDPAIR for a $20 off your total order!  


At the end of the day, our children are getting older, smarter, and more responsible by the minute. Keeping their glasses safe is a wonderful opportunity for kids to exercise responsibility, and with these simple tips, you can help your child keep their spiffy new specs safe and sound.

Put these tips to the test and check out our selection of children’s eyewear today! 

-the Jonas Paul Eyewear team

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