Guest Feature: Two children needing glasses for two different reasons.

When my youngest, Owen, was a newborn, he had these beautiful blue eyes that would swing back and forth like pendulums. He never opened his eyes outside, and soon I realized he didn’t seem to “see” us.

We found out at only 2 months old that he had a lifelong condition called Albinism, which affected his hair, skin, and eyes. Those early months were long and difficult for me; his vision was so poor that he didn’t recognize my face until he was 5 months old. When Owen was about 6 months old, we saw a wonderful doctor at UCSD that changed our lives and prescribed him his first pair of glasses.

When we found out about Owen’s albinism, we were devastated. No one wants to hear that their child is blind and will hate sunlight for the rest of his life. It was really hard looking into his eyes and realizing he can’t even see me yet. That first year was rough on me, both emotionally and physically. I never felt like I was ever going to get the hang of juggling two pairs of glasses (prescription glasses and sunglasses), a hat, and sunscreen. But as his vision slowly improved over the first year of his life, my spirits lifted and it became our new normal. Now I can’t picture Owen any other way but with cute round frames on his face!

A couple years later, when our older son Jack was about 5 years old, he failed his vision and hearing test in the nurse’s office at school. It was a total surprise when he came home with a note saying he probably needed glasses too!

When we found out about Jack needing glasses, we were obviously completely surprised. He was an early reader — reading before his 5th birthday — and hadn’t hinted at all that he had a difficult time seeing things. But the news settled in quickly; since his little brother has always worn glasses, this was a familiar part of life for us. Now it’s second-nature to us and them, and I love how much they’ve bonded just over wearing glasses together.

“I never thought both my boys would be in glasses, in two completely different, unrelated reasons for wearing them. This definitely took some time to get used to.”

Owen has been wearing glasses for as long as he can remember. It was a little bit of an adjustment to go from his flexible baby frames to hard acetate, but within a day or two he figured out they were easier to put on by himself and loved the newfound freedom. When Jack found out he needed glasses, I think there was a part of him that was actually really excited to be like his little brother; he saw it as a privilege to get to wear glasses! When we were getting out of the car before Jack’s first eye exam, he whispered to me, “I want glasses. But ones that look more grown-up than Owen’s, without a strap on the back.” He embraced them from day one and loves all the compliments he gets.

It sounds silly, but honestly I think there’s a little bit of a grieving process you have to go through when you realize your child’s face will never look the same again. The most important thing I’ve learned (and like to tell everyone who compliments the boys’ frames) is to appreciate how EASY it is to buy and fit JPE glasses. We spent three years going to different optical shops and purchasing over a dozen frames for Owen, and it was frustrating every time. When he broke a pair of glasses or grew out of them, I’d cry because the process of getting new ones was so stressful and expensive. Both boys are now rocking JPE frames, and we’ve never looked back — they’re better looking, sturdier, and more scratch-resistant than any other lenses we’ve had. And best of all, you can adjust them yourself anytime you want, keeping me out of the dreaded optical shop.

We heard about JPE from a friend when Owen was probably 1 or 2 years old, and I remember being so sad that he didn’t fit in the frames yet. I knew the day would eventually come when he’d be old enough, but what I didn’t realize at the time is that Jack would actually be the first to wear JPE frames! We ordered a try-on kit and picked out a pair with him — and made a mental note of the frames we’d pick for Owen to wear in a couple years.

One of the best things about JPE frames are that they’re adjustable at home. Nothing is more awkward than having to go into an optical shop and ask them to fit the glasses you bought online instead of from them! We’ve had at least 15 pairs of glasses in our home, all from different places, and JPE quality is top-notch. The hinges are very strong and durable, and even with rough boys we have yet to get a scratch on our lenses. And trust me when I say you can’t beat the $79 all-inclusive price — over the years I’ve never paid less than $200 for a of glasses!

It definitely was an adjustment for me, but as a parent – you need to give yourself time. It’s a big change that came on suddenly. Your child’s face will never look the same again, and that’s kind of shocking at first! Your kids will mirror your emotions, so if you’re confident, they will be too. One thing we’ve done that’s helped a lot in the adjustment period is giving our kids responsibility and ownership of their glasses. They each have a dedicated place to store their glasses at night (in pockets that hang off the side of their bunkbed). Morning and night, it’s their job to carefully put on and take off their glasses and put them away in the case. Giving them small responsibilities like this and praising them when they succeed has helped our boys respect and take care of their glasses.

Owen is charming from head to toe. He speaks so eloquently in the cutest little voice that makes you eagerly listen to every word he says. You can’t help but instantly fall in love with his inquisitive personality, and his glasses are usually the icing on the cake for people. He is always imagining and building things using legos, blocks, a drawing he’s made, or even the hangers strung together from his bedroom closet. He’s got the wildest imagination and makes sure to share his well thought out, detailed plans for his masterpieces and adventures with whoever will listen. He loves to read and use the CCTV at school that magnifies the pictures in his books. He gives the best hugs and is one of the most thoughtful kids I’ve ever met. Despite the visual limitations of having albinism, he is confident and independent — I love that he never lets it hold him back.

Jack is likely the happiest child you’ll ever meet. Every teacher he’s ever had since the age of two has told me he has the most infectious laugh and smile they’ve ever seen. It’s true — he gave his first smile at five weeks old and never stopped after that! He has high-functioning autism (Asperger’s) and wears his heart on his sleeve. When he’s cheerful he lights up the whole room with his giggles, but when he’s sad he feels it with such deep, raw tears. The way he feels with such genuine emotion is one of my favorite things about him. Most often you’ll find him reading (literally for hours a day) and building flying space ships out of legos. He loves school more than anything else — it’s his favorite place to be!

Thank you so much Alie for sharing your story with us!

Continue to follow along their story at @delightedtobe

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What are key tips for my child in glasses?

Parent’s share their tips to keeping their child’s frames safe

We did some research and asked parents what are some “kep tips” they use for their children that wear glasses

Read all of them below!

– Attach a bedside caddy, so they have a place to leave their glasses at night

– Face or Case : if their frame is not on their face, then it should be in their case. Sometimes a short rhyme can go a long way!

– Silicone Nose Pads – children with flatter nose pads, these are the best options! On Amazon you can buy a multipack for less than $5. They add a little “stickiness” to the nose pad to keep those glasses upright!

– Have your child apart of the process of choosing their glasses. Have them pick out the glasses so you know they love them! Start with our home try-on kit. Kids have been loving this process!

“The home try-on kit makes finding the perfect pair of glasses for a child so easy! My kids all love trying on the different frames and they can’t wait to get their new pair of eyeglasses.”

– For the younger kids, create a reward system

– Highlight characters on television or superheroes that wear glasses

“My daughter loves PJ Masks and one of the characters wears glasses so we would constantly praise her for putting them on and telling her she looked like Owlette from PJ Masks!”

– Give them small responsibilities and praise them when they succeed

– Morning and night, make it their responsibility to put on and take off their glasses and put them away in the case

Any other tips you have? Let us know!

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What are moms saying about Jonas Paul Eyewear

What moms are saying about Jonas Paul Eyewear

“My son is 4 years old and we noticed he would squint 1 eye when trying to focus. It continued and the frequency increased. We saw 3 eye doctors and found out that he is extremely visually impaired in 1 of his eyes, causing a lazy eye. We found out his glasses size at the opticians office and found Jonas Paul online. When the glasses came, they fit perfectly, looked great and my son loves them. Thank you for making this transition as seamless as possible. My son gets complimented on them regularly and it also gives us a chance to talk about how everybody is different and equal. “  

@Lyzscott :: The Miles in Chestnut Tortoise

“My husband and I had so many emotions finding out our sweet girl needed such high prescription lenses. We couldn’t believe she had been having such significant vision problems and we hadn’t realized it sooner. Luckily for us all, glasses are so stylish right now and Sally was actually excited to get to pick her own frames! We ordered the Home Try-On Kit from Jonas Paul and let her model each frame fashion-show-style with the whole family. She felt proud and special to be involved in that process. The ordering steps were effortless. I had a few questions about measurement and customer service answered me so quickly. Her glasses came in just a few days and were super easy to adjust for a perfect fit. Now we can’t imagine her little face without these glasses!”  

@sweetsidermom ::The Paige in Striped Maple

“While we cannot get them filled with you all (he has accommodative esotropia and needs bifocals), we are so happy with the quality, selection and customer service. Gus was very reticent about his glasses, but when we got the Home Try-On Kit, he became a lot more comfortable with the idea of wearing them. It saved us a trip to a glasses store with the pressure to buy, and he was able to wear them around for a few days to get used to their “feel”. Even better, he picked out a pair that matches his Dad’s so he feels like he looks just like Daddy! “

@teamheintz :: The Paul in Striped Maple

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The Importance of Eye Exams: One Mother’s Story

The Importance of Eye Exams for your Child – One Mother’s Story

In January 2015, shortly after my son Asher turned two, I discovered he would need glasses.  

I was in denial.

“The doctor was wrong, he had to be!”

“There’s no way!”

“I don’t wear glasses nor does my husband, so why would my child?”

I doubted the doctor’s diagnosis, but shortly came to the realization, “My little love bug was struggling to see.”

I remember the very day we picked out his glasses. We walked out of the clinic, I placed them on his face and told him he would have to wear these, and we never looked back. That’s when I knew they worked. If a two-year would keep a pair of glasses on their face.

This whole experience has been super eye-opening for me. I knew nothing about glasses and before I knew it, I was thrown into this world of eyecare for my two-year old.

I can’t help but think that I could have probably caught Asher’s eye issue earlier on in his life if I would have just taken him to a pediatric ophthalmologist.

That’s when I decided, as a mom, I wanted to educate the world on vision awareness, encourage fellow parents to schedule those yearly eye exams, and just be an advocate for vision awareness.

I’ve learned through my own experience that just because you may not wear glasses, doesn’t mean your child won’t have vision issues. I learned not to rely so much on Asher’s pediatrician to make these vision calls and exams either. The doctor knows the basics, but I cannot stress the importance enough to have your child’s eyes checked by an eye specialist themselves.

Just a couple of months into Asher wearing glasses, I was told about Jonas Paul Eyewear through Instagram. A week later, I ordered their home try-on kit and the rest is history.

We ordered Asher’s first set of JPE frames in the Spring of 2015. He was 2 1/2 years old and The Jonas frame fit him perfectly. After they arrived in the mail, I took him to his pediatric ophthalmologist to have them adjusted and everything just fell into place after that.

He’s been only wearing Jonas Paul frames ever since and I’d like to shout from the rooftops about how much I love them.

Asher is currently sporting The Ryan in Cobalt, but we own many styles from Jonas Paul and they all have been stylish, functional and rock solid.

Parents, I know it can be scary finding out your child needs glasses and it’s normal to worry about how they will adjust to the news, but here are a few of my favorite tips. For younger kids a rewards system works wonders, or read books that highlight glasses wearers. To name a few we love Arthur, Waldo, Gerald from Piggie and the Elephant series. And lastly, let them apart of the process! Have them pick out a pair of glasses they love and they will be so much more happier to wear them.

I am glad we have gone through this journey, and come out on the other side with Asher loving his glasses. Asher in glasses has just become a part of who he is. I can’t even imagine him without them! He is still the ambitious dreamer I’ve always known and my favorite sidekick. He has lived in four states, (at just being 5 years old!) and wants to be a cop when he grows up. I adore his big heart to pieces and his constant need to have dessert after dinner… every time.

I am so happy that glasses have not taken away from his fun, loving personality.  

Written by Emily // Continue to follow her on Instagram @emilyloeffelman

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How to Select the Right Lenses for Kids Glasses

How to Select Right Lenses for Kids Glasses


From finding out your child needs glasses to placing your order online, it might feel there are many steps in between.

Just when you think you have it down & are about to place your order, you notice you have to select a lens upgrade.

… now what?

That’s why we’re here! We have listed each lens option we offer at Jonas Paul Eyewear and our recommendation on which one to choose.

Cheers to making the checkout process that much easier.


OPTION 1: Single Vision Polycarbonate | Free ($29 Value)

When your child has a pretty standard prescription, and only needs glasses for “correction” purposes.

OPTION 2: Premium Anti-Reflective & Scratch-Resistant Lenses  (+ $39)

Anti-reflective coating improves both vision through the lenses and the appearance of your child’s eyeglasses by eliminating unattractive reflections.

Bonus: This lens also comes with a scratch-resistant coating.

Warranty Details: Includes 1-year Normal Use Warranty

This is a very popular lens! Parents love upgrading to the anti-reflective / anti-scratch, especially for photos.  

OPTION 3: Ultra-Light, Ultra-Thin Lenses (+ $69)

This lens upgrade ensures you get the highest optical clarity & thinnest lens, decreasing the “bug eye” effect with higher prescriptions & ensuring your child’s glasses are lightweight and comfortable.

RECOMMENDED for prescriptions with SPH value of +3.00 or greater OR -5.00 or less

RECOMMENDED for CYL value +2.00 or greater OR -2.00 or less

REQUIRED  upgrade for any prescriptions with SPH value over +4.00 or CYL -2.00

Warranty Details: Includes an Anti-Reflective + Scratch Resistant Coating with UV protection and a 1 Year Normal Use Warranty.

Due Note: Some high prescriptions may have an additional $39.00 or $49.00 fee for custom lenses, we will contact you if this is required for your order.

OPTION 4: Lightweight & Scratch-Resistant Trivex Lenses (+ $88)

Trivex lenses give the perfect combination of optical clarity, lightweight comfort, and strength. Trivex lenses are optically superior to other lens materials.

Available for prescriptions within SPH value of -6.00 through +4.00 and / or CYL values within -2.00 through + 2.00.  

*For prescriptions outside of that range we recommend the Ultra-Light, Ultra-Thin Lens upgrade.

Warranty Details: Includes an Anti-Reflective + Scratch Resistant Coating with UV protection and a 1 Year Normal Use Warranty.  

Due Note: Some high prescriptions may have an additional $39.00 or $49.00 fee for custom lenses, we will contact you if this is required for your order.


OPTION 5:   Frame only (Non-Prescription)

If you wish to fill your prescription at a local eye doctor – this is the lens option you order!

Most eye doctors are willing to place in your child’s prescription when you bring a frame in.

If you are interested in us filling your child’s prescription, but want to purchase in-person, check out our Store Locator and see if we are in a store near you!


Sun Lens Coatings (Optional):

OPTION 1: Prescription Sunglass Lenses (+ $99)

Polycarbonate sunglass lenses include 100% UV protection & Scratch Resistant Coating.  

$99 price includes prescriptions within the range of SPH Value of -5.00 through +5.00 and / or CYL values within -3.00 through +3.00

For prescriptions over the above range there will be a $39.00 fee for the additional custom work, we will contact you if this is required for your order.

OPTION 2: Transitions Adaptive Lenses – 100% UV Protection (+ $109)

Transitions Adaptive Lenses are clear indoors but darken when exposed to sunlight to protect your child’s eyes.  

100% UVA and UVB Protection.

Polycarbonate Transition Lenses include Anti-Reflective, Scratch-Resistant coating with 1-year Normal Use Warranty.

If your child has a high prescription and you would like Transition lenses for kids, please note there may possibly be an additional fee for custom lens production, we will contact you if this is required for your order.

We’re here to help!

Any questions? Feel free to send us an email at and we can better assit you and help you determine what len’s option you need!.

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How to Adjust Your Child’s Glasses

A very common question we receive from customers is:

“My child’s frames seem a bit big. They keep falling down their face.”

Our answer: Did you know we have adjustable temple arms?

Many of our customers are unaware that each Jonas Paul Eyewear frame comes with adjustable temple arms to create that perfect fit around your child’s ear.

With three simple steps, we put together a quick guide on how to adjust your child’s temple arms and stop those glasses from falling down.

“Being able to adjust them from home to get the perfect fit is AWESOME. Totally genius.” – Alie Jones


Place your child’s glasses on their face. Make note of where the temple arms meet the back of their ear.

*You could even use a crayon to mark the point!


Take the glasses off your child’s face, and begin bending the rubber tips where you made note of where the temple arms meet the back of their ear.

Few things to note:

  • It may feel a bit tough to bend the arms, but put a little muscle in it to bend them accordingly. We promise the tips will not break!
  • If the glasses begin to tip forward on your child’s face, it means you bent the adjustable tip too far, just simply bend the tip back.
  • Look behind your child’s ear to ensure that the adjustable tips aren’t pushing too hard on the ear (or pulling the ear forward), as this can cause irritation over time. Just bend the tip back until the ear is back to its normal position.
  • Bending the tips to find the right fit might take a bit of trial & error, but you will get there.
  • Overtime, you may notice the tips straightening back out. Feel free to adjust the tips as often as needed!


That’s it! How easy was that?

The glasses should now fit nice & snug on your child’s face, which will in turn help them stay put on their little noses.

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How to Read Your Child’s Prescription

Finding out your child needs glasses is overwhelming. Then trying to read their prescription?

That’s a whole other story.

“I was overwhelmed with new terminology and her diagnosis (hyperopia anisometropia). Even though I worked in an optometrist office in college, I still did not understand the difference between PD, OD, and OS.”

– Cassie Sperling

When you understand your child’s prescription, you can better understand your child’s vision.

We have put together a cheat sheet guide on understanding your child’s prescription to help make better sense of their eye condition and why they need glasses.

Step 1: OS versus OD

OS (oculus sinister) means the left eye

OD (oculus dextrus) means the right eye

Step 2: SPHERE (abbreviated as SPH)

Sphere describes the degree of nearsightedness or farsightedness

(-) child is nearsighted: myopia

(+) child is farsighted: hyeropia

0, pl, Plano: no error

KEY TIP: the further away from zero the number on your child’s prescription, the more vision correction your child needs.

Step 3: CYLINDER (abbreviated as CYL) and AXIS

Cylinder is the measure of astigmatism, meaning the front of the eye has less of a perfectly round shape

KEY TIP: If your child has astigmatism, they do not see clearly either at a distance or near, which can result in blurry vision & frequent headaches.

Some prescriptions may not need astigmatism correction – your doctor may just write sphere power or use (SPH) or DS (diopters sphere)

AXIS  The axis indicates the orientation of astigmatism, measured in degrees from 1 to 180 .

If you do have a CYL number you will also have an axis number.


ADD (ADDITION) is used with multifocal lenses (ie bifocals)

It is an additional magnification which helps with vision at close range.

Ex. If your child needs bifocals, you will likely see a number here.

**We cannot fill prescriptions that require a bifocal. If you see this on your prescription, please contact us at and we will make a recommendation for you.


PRISM helps with muscular imbalance in their eyes.

Prism helps to reduce eyestrain and correct double vision.

KEY TIP: We are able to fill prism within a certain range however, there is an additional fee for prescriptions that require a prism.

*Our team will contact you directly if this is listed on your child’s prescription.

PUPILLARY DISTANCE (PD) The distance between the centers of the pupils. This is used to position the lenses in the frame.

KEY TIP: A PD measurement is required in order for us to fill your prescription order.

*If there is not one listed on your child’s prescription, ask your optician. They will have one on file. Or you can also measure your PD yourself using our easy measuring tool.

BINOCULAR pupil-to-pupil measurement. Between 42-60 mm for most children

MONOCULAR per-eye measurement from the pupil to middle of the face.

Example: 25/24.5 – the first number (25) is for the right eye (OD) Second number: (24.5) is for the left eye (OS). Add these two numbers together to get 49.5 binocular.

Need additional help? We’re here to help!

Contact us directly at 

– the JPE team

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Momma Holiday Giveaway

The holidays are not just about giving or receiving, they are about celebrating and this year, we want to celebrate all you amazing mom’s out there who work hard all year round.

We have partnered with some pretty amazing brands to spoil one lucky mama this season with a variety of goodies we know they will love and deserve. Read below about all the amazing brands and make sure to enter at the bottom! All you have to do is subscribe to our email list & show all paticipating brands some love!

Soy Candles : Simply Curated is a sweet little business located in Grand Rapids, MI that provides an assortment of candles, paper goods, and home goods. Their candles are 100% soy wax and blended in small batches with fragrances and essential oils. The candles are 100% phthalate free and will burn cleanly all the way down. Each candle is poured, labeled and packaged by hand. Double bonus: once the candle is done, you can use as a cocktail glass. #AMAZING What mom doesn’t love candles & cocktails?

Show some love: Website // Instagram // Facebook

Merkato Signature Tote : Parker Clay was started after discovering there were over 160 million orphans worldwide. Husband and wife duo, Brittany and Ian, set out to change this and moved to Ethopia with their family and adopted two daughters. Moving back in 2015, they were inspired to create an opportunity to empower vulnerable women through enterprise, with the idea of leather products in mind. Parker Clay hand selected the highest quality leather to make timeless products – all while creating opportunities for vulnerable women to become economically independent. The bag they are donating is perfect for all your momma belongings!

Learn more about their company here: Website // Instagram // Facebook

ESCAPE Bag: Cloth and Cabin provides tasteful products for your home, fashionable styles for your closet and everything in between. We are so happy to partner with Cloth and Cabin, another great Grand Rapids business. They have the trendiest options for all the ladies – and so honored they donated a weekender bag because sometimes us mom’s need a vacation!

Check them out: Website // Instagram // Facebook

Chevron Necklace:  Purpose Jewelry provides products beautifully crafted by young women rescued from human trafficking. By purchasing with Purpose you are providing freedom, dignity, and hope for amazing artisans. We are thrilled to have them apart of our giveaway this holiday, as we absolutely adore social enterprises. If you have a chance, please read the story behind the brand. It is so beautiful. The necklace they are donating is the perfect accent to any outfit.

Show them some love: Website // Instagram // Facebook

Natural Body Care Products: Fox Naturals provides simple, modern and organic products located right in Grand Rapids, MI. Each product contains ingredients with a purpose, and can be tailored for those with widely different skin types and needs. They have provided us with Face Mask, Body Lotion and Handmade Bar Soap to include in our giveaway bundle. They smell amazing and the perfect self-care treat to yourself!

Check them out: Website // Instagram // Facebook

Delicious Chocolates: Divine Chocolate is co-owned by cocoa farmers and provides rich & seriously smooth tastes! We have partnered with this amazing brand to give one mama an assortment of chocolate flavored bars because no bad day ends with chocolate.

Check out their sweetness here: Website // Instagram // Facebook

Square Scarf : Anchal Project provides eco-friendly products handmade from vintage sari and organic cotton. Their mission is to address the exploitation of women around the world by using design thinking to create employment opportunities, services & products that support empowerment. They have donated a beautiful scarf for one lucky mama to sport all winter long!

Check out all their styles: Website // Instagram // Facebook

2018 Planner with Accessories: Bloom Daily Planners creates planners that are committed to helping women bloom into the best versions of themselves through the power of organization. Women love being organized and these products are made by women, for women! They have provided a wildflowers planner, to-do pad, and some accessories! New year resoution, stay organized? CHECK.

Check em’ out! Website // Instagram // Facebook

Nail Polish Collection: Gabriel Cosmetics is beauty brand that started with a vision of natural beauty and has evolved into a brand that is an NPA certified, vegan skincare brand that provides vegan & gluten-free cosmetics, both created to bring out a woman’s natural exisiting beauty. How beautiful are these colors?  

See what they’re all about: Website // Instagram // Facebook

The giveaway runs from December 5th – December 10th!


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Gio’s First Pair of Glasses

Guest post from @KatieKruithof.

“I knew having glasses wasn’t a big deal,
but it was hard for me to imagine this face I loved
so dearly changing in such a dramatic way.”

When my husband and I first started dating, I was amazed to learn that he was legally blind. He had detached lens since birth, which required REALLY strong contacts and eventually lens replacement surgery at age 28. We were told that it wasn’t a genetic condition, but when my firstborn, Gio, was a few months old, we noticed that his lens shook in a similar way.

At 2.5 years old, the ophthalmologist confirmed he needed glasses. It was a strangely sad day for me. I knew having glasses wasn’t a big deal, but it was hard for me to imagine this face I loved so dearly changing in such a dramatic way.  

I posted on IG that Gio would be needing glasses and several friends recommended I check out Jonas Paul Eyewear. As I looked at the stylish options, my heart shifted. I actually got excited about picking out glasses for him. When the try on kit arrived, we had a blast taking pictures of him in each style and posting a collage on IG for friends to vote for their favorites. We ended up with two pairs because we couldn’t decide!

“It didn’t take long before he realized how much better he could see with them.”

We were worried Gio wouldn’t like wearing his glasses since he was so young, and the first few days he kept trying to take them off. But it didn’t take long before he realized how much better he could see with them. Then he NEVER wanted to take them off! He even wears them to bed every night so we sneak in after he’s asleep to take them off.  

Strangers tell Gio how much they like his glasses almost every time we go out. Sometimes I see two people walk by and nudge each other, whispering “aww.” I know Gio feels very special in them. We are incredibly thankful that JPE made this transition so easy for us!

If you are new to Jonas Paul Eyewear, I only have one recommendation for you! Go for the anti-reflective lens upgrade. It makes a big difference in pictures! Using a little “nerd wax” on the nose really helps it stay up on their nose, too. Gio is now 4 years old and we’ve owned multiple pairs of JPE glasses as his prescription has changed. It looks like our 2 year old will have a similar condition, so I’m sure it won’t be long till we get a try on kit for him. This time, I’m actually looking forward to the process though!

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Step-By-Step Guide to ordering glasses

You might be here for a variety of reasons:

-Your child needs glasses.

-All other options for your child are are too “childish.”

-You don’t have time to shop around at every optical store.

-You’re worried about spending hundreds of dollars on the frame alone.

Whichever one it is, we are glad you found us! But now you might be thinking… okay, now what? And that’s why we’re here.

Together, we will find the perfect fit for your child! LET’S GET STARTED.

STEP 1: Order a Home Try-On Kit

This is such an important step. We do not recommend ordering a frame with prescription without having your child try on the frames beforehand!

Important Information about our home try-on kit:

-Two sizes available: SMALL or LARGE kits in either black or tortoise.

Small ranges from 4-7 years old: 44mm lens   //   15mm bridge   //   125mm temple arms

Large ranges from 8-12 years old: 48mm lens   //   16mm bridge   //   130mm temple arms

DUE NOTE: Black and Tortoise are the only colors we offer in our kits, not the only colors we have available for purchase! *Limited Edition colors are not included in the kit.

STEP 2: Find the “Right” Fit!

Your home try-on kit should arrive in 3-5 business days! And from there, you are able to try on our 6 different styles, in the comfort of your own home.

While trying on the different styles, feel free to bend the adjustable temple arms to create that perfect fit behind your child’s ear.

You can find the name of each frame inside the temple arms. Once you find your favorite(s), write down the names of the frames.

After 7 DAYS are up, send us back the kit with the return label we included, and order your frame(s) online.  

Jonas Paul Eyewear Home Try-On Kit

Jonas Paul Eyewear Home Try-On Kit

STEP 3: Place your order online

Head to our website at, click the frame that you would like to purchase (make sure to select PRESCRIPTION FRAME if you are ordering prescription glasses).


After you have added the frame to your cart, make sure to select the appropriate lens upgrade. This part can be tricky, so we put together all the information for you to find the appropriate lens upgrade: Lens Upgrades & Pricing Information for Jonas Paul Eyewear

Once you select your lens, select: ADD TO CART, then you are ready to complete your purchase.

Still have questions? Email us at with your prescription and we can tell you what lens upgrade you will need.

Jonas Paul Eyewear Home Try-On Kit Stylish Kids Glasses

STEP 4: Send over Prescription and PD

You placed your Jonas Paul Eyewear order. YAY! Now there is ONE LAST STEP.

Make sure to send over your child’s PRESCRIPTION and PD to as soon as possible!

This will ensure you receive your frames even quicker! Just place your order # in the subject of your email, and snap a pic your child’s prescription with the PD written on it, and you are all set!

This is an important step. We cannot fufill your order until we have these two items.

Need help measuring your child’s PD? Here is how to do so: MEASURING PD

Your order should arrive in 3-5 business days!

Now let’s see those photos!

Once your child receives their new glasses, tag us at #jonaspauleyewear so we can share!

Jonas Paul Eyewear Kids Glasses

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