Importance of Eye Exams

One minute we are searching the aisles of the grocery store in search of sunscreen, beach towels or a new swimsuit. And the next, the aisles quickly transition to “Back-to-School” advertisements filled with school supplies, books, and locker decorations. 

We get so caught up in the sunshine and before we know it – School is just around the corner! As we prep for the new school year, we tend to forget one major detail: EYE EXAMS. 

An eye exam is essential for your child’s vision, eye health and learning ability.  

American Optometric Association states, “Up to 80% of learning is visual.”  

It is important to have your child’s eyes checked within at least one month into the new school year to ensure they have solid vision skills to make it a successful year.

Everything you need to know about detecting your child’s vision is in the graphic below, thanks to Lens Crafters


Moral of the story: make eye exams part of your yearly “back to school” check list. If you do happen to find out that your child needs glasses, lucky for you, we know just the spot! At Jonas Paul Eyewear, we provide stylish children’s eyewear to increase confidence amongst child, all at an accessible price point.  

Don’t know where to get your yearly check up? Find your local Lens Crafter by clicking here! 

 -the Jonas Paul Eyewear team 

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