Childhood Characters in JPE Frames

Does your child have a favorite storybook character, a superhero they look up to, or a popular movie star they have grown fond of? 
Do they ever comment on how their favorite characters wear glasses or the lack thereof?
Because children are surrounded by media everyday, they start to look up to these types of characters, whether they are from a children’s book, television series or movie, and when the character’s may not be wearing glasses, your child may begin to develop the idea that glasses are “uncool.”
Children idolize popular characters and want to be them, but if they see they aren’t wearing glasses – they may think it’s the uncool thing and refuse. 
Well, because we are a children’s eyewear company, and believe glasses ARE cool, we want to divert this theory and show you that some of the most popular characters do wear glasses. 

 We hope these characters will help the transition of having your child wear glasses a bit easier 🙂


Some of the featured glasses above include: 

Benjamin Boys Eyeglass Frames 

Miles Boys Eyeglass Frame

Paige Girls Eyeglass Frame

Albert Boys Eyeglass Frame

Ryan Boys Eyeglass Frame


via Jonas Paul Eyewear – News

from Jonas Paul Frames – Blog


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