Cold or Spring Allergies?

Spring is officially here. The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping and the sun is shining. The bees are flying around and the air smells like flowers. You take a second to enjoy this moment and just as you are settling in to the beautiful world around you, you begin to hear sniffles, “achooo” and coughing in the background.

Uh oh. As exciting as it is that Spring is here, so are Spring allergies! Pollen is swarming around and sneezes are becoming excessive.

But how do you know that these sniffles and sneezes coming from your little one are allergies and not just a cold?

Here are some symptoms to tell if they are Spring allergies:

Sign #1: Repetitive sneezing

Sign #2: Running nose that is a thin, clear substance

Sign #3: Itchy eyes, nose and roof of the mouth

Sign #4: Watery Eyes

Sign #5: Allergies last longer than colds. Colds tend to go away in 2 weeks or less. Allergies can stick around for much of the year, especially when pollen is high.

Sign #6: Outdoor allergies tend to arrive between ages 4 and 6

Sign #7: Do allergies run in the family?

If you recognize any of these signs, then they might be allergies.


As allergies tend to get in the way of plans and the excitement of Springtime, here are a few tips to avoid those allergy triggers from your child so they can be on the road to happy and sniffle-free.

Lesson #1: Pollen counts are highest in the morning – avoid having your son or daughter play outside early in the morning (if that even is a problem).

Lesson #2: As much as we love fresh air and that great Spring breeze coming from our windows, try not to open the windows, at least in your child’s bedroom.

Lesson #3: Have your child take a shower and change their clothes after they have been playing outside all afternoon.

Lesson #4: Change the air filters consistently.

Lesson #5: Have your child wear tight fitting sunglasses to protect their eyes from pollen.

If problems continue to rise, seek a prescription from your doctor before those allergies are too out of hand.

via Jonas Paul Eyewear – News

from Jonas Paul Frames – Blog


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